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Health Net Federal Services, LLC’s (HNFS’) contracted duties with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to manage care under Patient-Centered Community Care (PCCC) and the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) were transitioned back to VA on Oct. 1, 2018. 

The timely filing deadline for submitting new PCCC and VCP claims to HNFS has passed. Providers were given until Dec. 31, 2019, to submit claims to HNFS (for HNFS-authorized services). 

HNFS completed processing of all clean claims submitted for authorized services rendered on or before Sept. 30, 2018. Community providers who have unresolved claims issues may contact VA's Customer Call Center at 1-800-733-8387 for assistance. 

Find additional details at www.va.gov/COMMUNITYCARE

Billing veterans

In accordance with VA policy, providers are not to bill veterans or collect copayments for authorized VCP and PCCC services. Under PCCC, veterans did not have any out-of-pocket costs or copayments. Under VCP, the veteran may have had a copayment, but he or she was billed directly by VA, not by the provider or HNFS.

The following statement within the Provider Participation agreement signed with HNFS identifies the conditions agreed to and which community providers must adhere to under the agreement: "Provider agrees to not bill; charge; collect a deposit from; seek compensation, remuneration, or reimbursement from; or have any recourse against veterans or persons acting on their behalf, other than HNFS or other health insurance for covered services authorized by HNFS."