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Medically Necessary Laser Hair Removal

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Retroactive to May 6, 2021, TRICARE will allow coverage of medically necessary laser hair removal or electrolysis when primarily performed to correct or improve a bodily function, whether or not there are also impacts to physical appearance.

An approval from Health Net Federal Services, LLC is not required; however, a benefit review is recommended. To expedite the review process, please include supporting medical documentation with the authorization request. 

Devices used for laser surgery must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Beneficiary cost-shares or copayments for laser surgery are the same as those for conventional surgery and vary based on place of service.

TRICARE excludes laser surgery for the following conditions:

  • Pain relief or biostimulation
  • Arthritis or low back pain
  • Corneal sculpting
  • Body sculpting
  • Non-covered surgical services (such as removal of tattoos or laser hair removal that does not materially correct or improve a bodily function)
  • Non-covered cosmetic dermatology (such as removal of telangiectasias or spider angiomas, or facial rejuvenation)

Please refer to TRICARE Policy Manual (TPM) Chapter 4, Section 3.1 and TPM Chapter 7, Section 17.1 for additional details.