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2021 TRICARE Retired Reserve

Note: Visit our Copayment and Cost-Share Information page for 2022 costs.

View the cost information below for TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) beneficiaries.

  • The sponsor's enlistment date does not determine costs.
  • TRR members are covered under TRICARE Select. Benefits, cost-shares and deductibles are the same as Group B retirees.
Enrollment Fees $484.83/individual, $1,165.01/family
Annual Deductibles Network Providers: $153/individual, $317/family
Non-Network Providers: $317/individual, $634/family
Catastrophic Cap $3,703 per calendar year

TRICARE Retired Reserve reminders:

Type of Care Copayment/Cost-Share
Ambulance - Outpatient  Network: $63
Non-Network: 25%
Ambulance - Inpatient Network: 25%
Non-Network: 25%
Ambulatory Surgery Network: $100
Non-Network: 25%
Ancillary Services Network: $0
Non-Network: 25%
Durable Medical Equipment Network: 20%
Non-Network: 25%
Emergency Room Network: $84
Non-Network: 25%
Home Health Care $0*
Hospice Care $0
Hospitalization (includes mental health) Network: $185 per admission
Non-Network: 25% of allowable charges
Laboratory and X-Rays Network: $0
Non-Network: 25%
Maternity Care - Inpatient Delivery Setting Network: $179 per admission
Non-Network: 25% of allowable charges
Office Visits - Primary Care Network: $26
Non-Network: 25%
Office Visits - Specialty Care Network: $42
Non-Network: 25%
Outpatient Mental Health Visits Network: $42
Non-Network: 25%
Partial Hospitalization Network: $42**
Non-Network: 25%
Preventive Services - Eye Examinations Not a covered benefit
Preventive Services - All Other Covered Services $0
Residential Treatment Center Network: $52 per day
Non-Network: Lesser of $317 per day or 20% of allowable charges
Skilled Nursing Facility Network: $52 per day
Non-Network: Lesser of $317 per day or 20% or allowable charges
Urgent Care Services Network: $42
Non-Network: 25%

*Costs may apply for durable medical equipment (DME) and medications/drugs.

**Copayment information is calculated per day for partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient treatment. Opioid treatment program services copayment is applied on a weekly basis.