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Veterans Choice Program

Services rendered on or after April 20, 2017

The Veterans Choice Program (VCP) is the primary payer for authorized care. Therefore, the provider should not collect any copayments from the veteran. VA will bill veterans directly for any applicable VCP copayments.

Services rendered prior to April 20, 2017

Out of pocket costs or copayments for the veteran are dependent on the type of care he/she is receiving.

VA is responsible for determining whether the veteran's care is related to a service-connected injury or special authority designation. This determination will assist you in determining a veteran’s out of pocket costs if applicable. Look for the “Service Connected Care” and “Other Health Insurance (OHI)” indicators on page two of the provider notification packet issued by HNFS.

Care is Service-Connected
There is no copayment for the veteran when care is service-connected.
Care is NOT Service Connected
Veterans with other health insurance (OHI) may need to make copayments or pay other expenses based on the terms of that plan. See our OHI page for additional information.

After the OHI has paid as primary, or when the veteran does not have OHI, Veterans will receive an invoice from VA for any copayments associated with care authorized under VCP. Providers should not collect this copayment from the veteran at the time of service.

Important Note: Providers must not bill the veteran, VA or Health Net Federal Services, LLC for no-show, rescheduled or canceled appointments.

Patient-Centered Community Care

There are no costs or copayments for the veteran under Patient-Centered Community Care.