Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) is responsible for coordinating authorized Patient-Centered Community Care (PCCC) and Veterans Choice Program (VCP) appointments with a provider’s office or facility; however, providers are strongly encouraged to contact veterans with a courtesy appointment reminder. Providers must comply with the following access care standards for care:

  • Veteran appointments must be within 30 calendar days.
  • Urgent care appointments must be within 2 business days.
  • Office wait time for appointments should not exceed 20 minutes.

Veterans receiving authorized care under the PCCC program will not provide an ID card at the time of service. However, under VCP, a Choice Card may be presented by veterans. Choice Cards do not represent eligibility and an HNFS authorization is required prior to services being rendered. All information needed by the provider or the facility will be included on the authorization form and provider notification packet.

Referral documents/consults containing the notation of “urgent” require the Veteran be scheduled for care within two business days from the date HNFS received the authorization. Return of medical documentation is the same as routine care, unless the referral document/consult also specifies “urgent with oral report” or “urgent with written report.” Urgent care is defined as care considered essential to evaluate and stabilize conditions that may result in loss of life, limb or vision, or care that if not provided will likely result in unacceptable morbidity/pain when there is significant delay in evaluation or treatment.

Visit our Report Missed or Canceled Appointments page to learn more on how to report unattended appointments.

Viewing the Veteran’s Electronic Health Record

In order to support continuity of care for our veterans and promote clear communication between U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) providers and our community providers, VA has created a system to hold veterans' electronic health records (EHRs). The Community Viewer tool allows our community providers access to view a veteran’s EHR using a browser-based software application. It does not require a separate software installation but is accessed with a username and password issued by VA Community Care Staff. This information may play a vital role in preparing for an appointment and treating a veteran.

To learn more about this tool, including requesting access, visit VA’s Community Viewer page.

Veterans Crisis Support

Support for your patients who are U.S. Veterans:

  • 1-800-273-8255 Press 1
  • Confidential chat at or text to 838255

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