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Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster

Create an Emergency Plan

Recommendations to include in an emergency plan:

  • Draw up escape routes, including alternates, and review them with your family. Know how to shut off the gas, water and other utilities at home.
  • Create a contact card with family cell phone numbers, nearest relatives and other emergency contacts. Make a copy for all family members.
  • Review life and property insurance. If needed, get extra coverage now. Also, make copies of all policies for the disaster kit (see below). Always store important records in a secure location such as a safety deposit box.
  • Plan for any pet's needs, such as food, carriers and boarding.

Prepare a Disaster Kit

When putting the family's emergency plan into action, one of the most important items to bring is a disaster kit.

At a minimum, the kit should contain:

  • water and food – enough for three to seven days
  • first aid kit
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • extra clothing
  • blankets
  • copies of insurance policies, including life and property insurance
  • cash
  • a full tank of gas in the car

For more information on additional items to include in disaster kits and being prepared, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website at www.fema.gov.

Medical Cards and Prescription Medications

Know how to access TRICARE enrollment information.

  • Be sure each family member has his or her military ID card.
  • Log in to milConnect at any time to view your current enrollment information and print current enrollment cards. While enrollment cards do not guarantee eligibility nor are they required to obtain care, they do contain important information.

Prescription Medication Tips:

  • Carry prescription medications with you. If possible, plan ahead to make sure you have enough medication to last should you be unable to reach a pharmacy right away.
  • TRICARE offers several pharmacy options – military treatment facilities, the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery program and TRICARE retail pharmacies – to fill prescription medications.

Anticipate Special Needs

If you or a family member has a disability or special need, find out about special assistance programs available ahead of time.  Register with a local emergency service agency or fire department, as they can provide help when needed.

Other Disaster Resources