Authorizations and Referrals

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New Online Tools

The new online authorization and referral tools offer quick and easy submission and status tracking of prior authorizations, referrals, and inpatient and discharge notifications. These new tools replace the previous prior authorization and referral submission and status functionality on our website, and require providers and their staff to register at To learn how to use these tools watch our video tutorial.

Please note: The new online authorization and referral tools are only supported for use with Internet Explorer. If your office uses a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, the tools will not function properly.

Have a question about your request? Visit our Online Authorization and Referral Tools Assistance page.

Information for providers

Depending upon the type of coverage, type of servicing provider, place of service and the service being provided, an approval from  Health Net Federal Services, LLC (Health Net) may or may not be required. View our step-by-step guide on how to move through the prior authorization and referral process.

Prior Authorization, Referral and Benefit Tool

Use the Prior Authorization, Referral and Benefit Tool to find out if a service requires a Health Net referral or prior authorization.