Checking the Status of a Referral or Authorization

Checking the Status of a Prior Authorization or Referral

Before checking the status of your prior authorization or referral, please review the processing timelines and notification information below on how requests are processed.

Processing Timelines and Notification

  • Beneficiaries should contact their health care provider who submitted the request to check status. You should have an approved authorization before scheduling the appointment.
  • Health Net Federal Services, LLC is unable to access referrals within the military health system.
  • Routine prior authorization and referral requests are processed within 2–5 business days of receiving the request from the provider.
  • Urgent requests are processed in an expedited manner for care that needs to be delivered within 72 hours.
  • Requests are processed using the clinical information submitted by the provider. Processing time for both routine and urgent requests may be delayed if sufficient information is not provided.
  • Determination letters for routine and urgent requests are faxed directly to the provider.
  • Determination letters for routine requests will be delivered to beneficiaries within 7–10 business days after the request has been processed.

Prior Authorization and Referral Status

To check status of your request, along with quick and easy submission of prior authorizations, referrals, and inpatient and discharge notifications, click below to visit our Online Authorization and Referral Tool.